What we do

We partner with ambitious social enterprises and back them with business expertise and targeted funding

Long-term partnerships

We find social enterprises with a compelling mission, inspiring leaders, and an ambition to grow that are creating lasting change within education, employment and health and wellbeing.

We work closely with leadership teams to understand their plans for sustainable growth and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We build long-term, trust-based partnerships, where we align ourselves to the ambitions of the organisations we support.

Business expertise

We are proud to work with a community of exceptional corporate partners who donate their business expertise to the social enterprises we support.

Our corporate partners cover a wide-range of expertise, meaning we can provide advice and support on almost any business challenge, large or small.

We work hard to match the right expertise with the right organisation at the right time, always ensuring clarity, consistency and commitment from all partners.

Targeted funding

With the support of our corporate partners, we provide targeted funding aimed at challenges that only financial resources can solve.

Whether funding a new role, new system or new venture, we always look to co-invest with the social enterprises we support to ensure we are aligned to their priorities.

We also work strategically with our corporate partners to unlock additional funding opportunities, such as our Digital Impact Fund, supported by the Permira Foundation.

Why we do it

With their unique model, social enterprises have a significant role to play in creating lasting societal change but often struggle to access the resources and investment required to fulfil their potential.

The combination of business expertise and targeted funding provides a holistic package of support that helps social enterprises overcome many of the challenges they face, enabling them to further grow their impact.

When a business supports social enterprises in this way, it not only creates lasting societal change but lasting change within the business itself.

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