Speech and Language UK

Supporting children who have difficulty talking and understanding words


By designing tools and training for schools and nurseries, providing advice and guidance to families, and running two specialist schools, Speech and Language UK help children who struggle with talking and understanding words. Their pioneering resources give teachers and families the confidence to help children develop crucial skills. As the scale of the problem increases, Speech and Language UK are lobbying government to provide greater support, so more children aren’t left behind, waiting to be understood.



Children, young people and families supported in 2023


Of children narrowed attainment gap with peers after doing flagship programme


Children and families supported via online progress tracker every year

Why we support Speech and Language UK

Across the UK there are 1.9 million children who have fallen behind in their development of talking and understanding words. Without support, these children struggle to progress at school and find it difficult to socialise and make friends. They often face challenges later in life and are more likely to be unemployed or end up in the criminal justice system.
With their wealth of knowledge accumulated from decades of experience working with young people with the most acute needs, Speech and Language UK know what works. Through their two special schools and range of training, tools and resources, they are ensuring every child can face the future with confidence.

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