Retail Trust

Creating hope, health and happiness for everyone in retail


Retail Trust guides workers in the retail sector through their toughest moments via their 24-hour helpline, counselling sessions, financial aid and supported residential living. Many retail workers are facing mental health challenges and Retail Trust are there to care for and protect their interests. The words of their founder Thomas Helps ring true today, who in 1832 said the organisation’s purpose was to “promote the happiness and interests of those engaged in the trade”.



Counselling sessions for retail workers in need in 2023


Helpline calls received in 2023 to support retail workers


Financial aid provided to retail workers in 2023

Why we support Retail Trust

The retail sector is the largest private sector employer in the UK, providing a livelihood for nearly 3 million people. The rise in online shopping, alongside the cost-of-living crisis, is causing significant disruption to the sector, with retail workers bearing the brunt. 66% of workers are unable to get help for mental health issues, 90% are abused at work and one in three people are looking to leave the sector.
Through working closely with retail brands across the country, Retail Trust are ensuring people working in retail are able to access the support they need, whether it is emergency help in a crisis or a place to call home in retirement. Despite being nearly 200 years old, Retail Trust are leading the way in harnessing the latest technology to provide the right support at the right time and ensure everyone in retail can live with hope, health and happiness.

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