From corporate to countryside: Katie’s journey with Jamie’s Farm

Katie Robinson, Senior Consultant at EY-Parthenon, shares her experience working with Jamie’s Farm during her secondment with SBT.

Jamie’s Farm works to turnaround the potential life trajectory of some of England’s most vulnerable school children – whether those at risk of exclusion, facing behavioural or mental health barriers, or experiencing a gap in their educational attainment. Through their intensive intervention, which includes a week-long stay at one of their four working farms across the country, the impact of Jamie’s Farm is significant – 75% of those at risk of exclusion are no longer deemed at risk 6 months after the programme. Jamie’s Farm works to prevent more significant costs down the line – to the individual in terms of life opportunities, and to wider society.

Katie Robinson experienced the work of Jamie’s Farm first-hand when she visited their flagship farm outside Bath during the first week of her 10-month secondment as an Investment Manager with the Social Business Trust. “Visiting the farm brought their whole programme to life. For many of the young people on the programme, it is their first time in the countryside, let alone living and working on a farm, cut off from their day-to-day (children hand over their phones for the duration of the stay), being guided through therapeutic interventions”.

Over the course of her secondment, Katie leveraged the skills from her day job at EY-Parthenon to work with the team at SBT and Jamie’s Farm to conduct due diligence and prepare the investment case for Jamie’s Farm to join SBT’s portfolio. This work mapped out Jamie’s Farm growth plan over the next 4 years, to launch two new farms and a new digital programme. “It was a fantastic experience working with Jamie’s Farm’s CEOs Jake and Jamie, whose passion for the work they do and children they serve is paramount to everything they do. It was great to challenge our investment case with their Investment Director, Peter Jackson, who is similarly used to building and testing investment theses in a commercial setting at Bain.”

“As I return to EY-Parthenon at the end of my secondment, it is a great legacy to know SBT and the support of their corporate partners will now go on to support Jamie’s Farm during this next chapter – ultimately helping them expand and reach more young people than ever before.”

Jamie’s Farm’s transformational programme supports children at risk of social and academic exclusion to thrive during their school years and beyond. Their programme sees small groups of young people immersed into farm life during a week-long residential, tackling real jobs with tangible outcomes within a supportive family environment. Jamie’s Farm has recently joined the SBT portfolio of charities and social enterprises.

26th June 2024

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